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Furniture Spotlight: Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church
SEPTEMBER 17, 2018
nice guys : )
Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church


One of the best things about dealing in office furniture is that every project is different. In the case of Our Lady of Hope, we were excited to find out that the catholic church not only wanted to upgrade its furniture, but also update the room itself. Let’s take a look at why these changes completely revamped the space.

Colors Affect Furniture Design

The Color Factor – It Impacts a Room More Than You Think

Color makes a big impact on a room. To fully understand what we mean, take a look at the squares above. Which one do you think is bigger? Most people will pick red, even though the squares are exactly the same size. This is because red typically makes objects feel closer. By choosing cooler colors (greys, blues and whites), Our Lady of Hope's space is lightened up, and instantly the space feels larger then it actually is.


Mobile Conference Chairs

Creating Functionality with Mobility

Besides creating a brighter space, a furniture project also provides the unique opportunity to increase the functionality of a room. Take a close look at Our Lady of Hope’s conference table chairs. Notice anything? Everything is on wheels. Furniture can move in and out, depending on how the space needs to be use. The chairs you see are HON Nesting Chairs. On top of being easily mobile, these chairs can also collapse for storage.

Big shout out to Our Lady of Hope for letting us be a part of this project. For more information on starting a furniture remodel, Contact a Nice Guys Furniture Specialist. To learn more about Our Lady of Hope, visit the link below.


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