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Why Order Office Supplies from One Source
JULY 30, 2018
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Why Order Office Supplies from One Source

Many businesses have the mindset of “shopping around.” They source breakroom, office and warehouse supplies from multiple locations in the hopes of getting the best price. What most may not know is that it’s often better to purchase all these materials from one source, and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Locked-In & Lower Pricing

By working with one sales representative, you can get discounts — especially if you are buying items in bulk. Here at Garvey's Office Products, we have a whole team of Nice Guys dedicated to finding you the lowest price possible. If so desire, we can lock you into that discounted price for a contracted time and set you up with a Quick Order Feature on those products, which lets you place an order with just a click.

2. Better Customer Service

When you work with one company, you start to develop a relationship with the person who manages your account. Simple errors, like an item delivered to the front desk versus the warehouse, will be solved quicker because you’ll have a direct line to your representative. This representative knows exactly what your company does and who you are. In our case, our Nice Guy Sales Representatives are even known to call a customer when they spot a rebate on something they order regularly!

3. Added Services

When you work with one organization, you become privy to additional services. To name a few when it comes to Garvey's Office Products: Our drivers will pick up any recycling donations your company has. We will drop off bins for your food drives. We will even trek your order up three flights of stairs and right into its assigned cabinet.


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