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4 Types of Office Fans
JULY 2, 2018
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4 Types of Office Fans

There’s nothing worst then an office that’s stuffy. It’s hard to feel motivated when you feel the heat. A great way to cool down is by using a fan. While there are many cost-effective options to drop temperature and circulate air, here are a few of our favorites.

2- & 3-Speed Fans

These types of fans are perfect for the office that fluxuates in temperature. They offer various speed settings that can cool down an area. They oscillate, meaning they turn back and forth, covering up to 80°. You can sit them on your desk or choose to mount them on your wall.

Compact Personal Fans

A compact fan is better suited for personal use. Between 4-6”, these fans clip or sit on your desk directly. Instead of oscillating, they feature an adjustable head, which you can tilt in the direction you need.

USB & Battery Powered Fans

These fans are best used for people who travel. They feature a folding design so they can be packed and stored. Instead of a traditional plug, they are powered by batteries or a USB charger.

Tower & Standing Fans

Tower and standing fans are for open spaces. Think of larger areas such as a conference room. These fans are usually made light-weight materials so you can move them from room-to-room, and they oscillate to circulate air.


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