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Office Chair Purchasing Guide
FEBRUARY 13, 2018
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Office Chair Purchasing Guide

Unfortunately, most of us sit throughout our workdays, and an office chair can affect everything from productivity to overall health. In order to find the right chair for you, here are five things you should consider before purchasing.

Chair Height

Studies have shown that your feet should be flat on the floor throughout the workday. This helps blood circulation and reduces restless leg syndrome. If you are very tall, you’ll need a chair that has a higher height adjustment.

Seat Depth

Seat depth is when you can adjust your chair to suit the length of your thighs. The right seat length will help you naturally use your backrest, which is important to avoid issues like back pain. You know your seat depth is incorrect when you find yourself perching on the edge of your chair or slouching.


Many office workers forgo using armrests on chairs, but this is at a cost. Armrests are made to support your arms while typing. Forearms should be parallel to the floor when you are typing or using your mouse. This resolves discomfort in arms, neck and in some cases upper backs.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is usually an add-on to most office chairs. It helps solve the issue of pain by providing extra firmness and support in the lower back. Studies have shown that office workers with lumbar support have extra focus at work!

Ready To Purchase?

Once you take all these items into account, we have two programs to help you make a selection. The first is our Try Before you Buy Program, which has over 50 sample chairs. With this program, you can try out an office chair for two days before deciding if it is the right chair for you. The second option is our Chair Configurator Tool. This program takes the options above and helps guide you through customizing a chair. Nothing works better than a chair made for you!


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