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Organization that Sticks
MAY 21, 2018
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Organization that Sticks

Think of situations where you are constantly updating information. For places like restaurants, community centers or schools, old-fashion bullet and cork boards can wear down from tape, push pins and tacks. This is why we are excited to introduce our customers to a new generation of display boards— Justick by Smead.

What is Justick?

The name says it all. You take something, put it on a Justick board and it just sticks. The secret lies within electro currents. The board is powered by four AA batteries. These batteries create electronic adhesion, which then allows materials to stick to the board. Basically, Justick uses the magic of science to make display boards easier to use and reuse.

Types of Justick

Traditional Boards: These boards are recommended for conference or classroom use. They are larger in size and are perfect for brainstorming ideas.

Travel Boards: These boards are geared for tradeshows and demonstrations. They are constructed for easy breakdown and travel.

Easels: Choose this option for announcements. You will often find these boards used by restaurants that need constant updates to their menus or weekly specials.

Accessories: New technology is not only great for group use, but also personal use. Justick clipboards and desktop trays are the perfect tools to use for daily notes and reminders.

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