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Professional Holiday Presentations
November 26, 2018
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Professional Holiday Presentations

It’s that time of year. Deadlines are looming. Either you’re happy that vacation is on the way or hoping to magically get more time. If your office is the type that is at its busiest around the holidays, it’s worth investing in a professional binding system for your office and here’s why:

It’s Fast

With a machine like the Powis Parker Fastback 20 (FB20), you can bind 350 pages in less than 20 seconds. Imagine that you are just about to walk into a meeting with a smart stack of your presentation. Now imagine a coffee spill. In times of panic, it’s handy to have your own binding machine.

It’s Customizable

Unlike many binding machines, the FB20 is customizable. You can bind your presentation with both soft or hard covers. It binds by strips, and these strips are available in variety of colors for you to match with your branding.

Request a Demo

At Garvey’s Office Products, we can demo this machine right at your office. You can schedule your demo in two ways: By Email or by calling 847-588-1690. Your demo will include all the training you need to make flawless presentations.


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