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Five Gifts for Office Workers
December 3, 2018
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Five Holiday Gifts for Office Workers

If you’re looking to spread some holiday love to your employees or purchase a gift for the coworker in your life that lives and breathes the office, here are five office items and services that are perfect for the occasion!

Cat Note Dispenser

1. A Cheerful Tape or Post-It Dispenser

You’ve just had a bad meeting. Imagine meandering back to your desk and sitting there is a tape dispenser in the shape of a cat! Themed Dispensers are a great way to get your office mojo back.

Healthy Snacks

2. Healthy Snacks

According to USA Today, the best employee perk in the office is a stocked breakroom. This includes access to free healthy snacks and beverages. To get awesome snacks and beverages without lifting a finger, try out our Coffee & Water Delivery Service.

Desk Calendars & Planners

3. A New Office Calendar

Not that we need to say it but, just in case we do, it’s important to know the date if you’re an office worker. Keeping organized and on track requires calendars. So does counting down to that sweet holiday vaca that you have coming up! Search House of Doolittle to find all the latest calendar designs to keep your office cubby looking tidy and stylish.

Desk Exercise Ball

4. A Desk Exercise Ball

As we splurge on holiday snacks and confections, working healthy is often push to the top of our minds. Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair actually has an exercise ball built into the chair, making you active throughout your workday.

Personal Desk Laminator

5. Personal Desktop Laminators

Lastly, if you’re willing to splurge, what's the perfect accessory for someone who never leaves their desk? A personal desktop lamintor. With a Desktop Laminator, you can clear out the clutter and laminate all the important items you need to last.


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