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Waterless Sanitizing Solutions
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Waterless Sanitizing Solutions

Spreading germs has become easy in an age where most office workers sit stationary at their desks. Sickness has become hard to contain, and it’s unreasonable to think you’ll be able to run to the bathroom every time some sneezes to wash your hands. This is why Germ-X has created a sanitizing solution that kills 99.99% of harmful germs, all without the need for water.

How It Works

The trick is within the Germ-X formula and the friction you create when you rub your hands together. This combination kills cells — not human cells — but microbial cells a.k.a. bacteria. So to get the most out of your Germ-X rub your sanitizer until there is none left on your skin.

Germ-X Hand Dispensers

A great way to ensure that employees use Germ-X Sanitizing Solutions throughout the day is by placing dispensers throughout your office. A good rule of thumb is to place them at high traffic points — think punch out clocks, by restrooms and in the office break rooms.

Germ-X Soaps

Of course, nothing replaces the tried and true. Regular hand washing definitely is important in the fight against office germs and in no way does hand sanitizers replace it. This is why Germ-X provides a variety of soaps and scents that are gentle on the skin while killing harmful bacteria. Make sure to check out our full line by clicking below.


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