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Types of File Folders for Office Organization
JULY 23, 2018
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Types of File Folders for Office Organization

You were excited. You ordered a pack of colorful file folders to wrangle your office into organizational bliss. Now you’re looking at file folders that fit nowhere and are of no use. Where did you go wrong? While the world of filing can be complex and extensive, here are some things to consider before purchasing your next set of folders.

Types of File Folders

Basic folders are the typical choice. They fit just about any filing system at a standard 9.5 inches. Hanging file folders are your smaller option, but this is because they sacrifice space to come equipped with hooks to hang inside your drawers.

Choosing a Tab Style

Once you work out the type of file folder you want, you will need to choose your folder’s tab style. While there are many options, there are three tab positions that are the most common: Straight, right-cut or repositionable. Straight tabs are perfect for classifications and longer headings. Reach for right-cut tabs for alphabetical purposes and storing records. Lastly, use repositionable tabs for multi-purpose. Repositionable tabs are the newest on the market and feature tabs that can pop up in any position you desire.

Differences Among Folder Materials

With type and tab style out of the way, you can finally determine the folder material. You can choose from colored, manila, kraft, plastic or pressboard. Traditionally, most users choose colored, manila or kraft. However if your office requires your folders to be water-resistant or heavier, plastic and pressboard file folders are the better choice.


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