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Making the Switch to Dispensers
APRIL 12, 2018
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In today’s age, there’s no argument that efficiency is key to a successful company. When it comes to saving on cleaning and sanitation supplies, the first step is streamlining. One great way to start is by taking your janitorial supplies —think of things like towels, bath tissues and napkins— and putting those products into dispensers.

Overuse in Towels, Bath Tissues & Napkins

Think about it. Often we take more than we can use. If you’ve ever been in a restroom where towels are in piles, you’ll notice that many towels aren’t used to their full extent or thrown away without any use at all. A dispenser delivers a small quantity at a time, thus controlling how much is used. This affects your bottom line drastically.

The Value of Time

Dispensers also have an effect on time. Every time you replenish a bathroom or breakroom with supplies, you are taking up an employee’s time. If that employee is constantly checking to see if a product needs to be replenished, other areas in your company are left neglected. With a dispenser, your quantity is controlled, and you’ll make less stops to replenish because there will be a consistent schedule to when the stock needs to be refilled.

Make the Switch

The point is by using a dispenser in your office, breakroom or restroom, you will be able to spot waste and inefficiencies in your company. By making the switch, you are guaranteed to make a tangible return on your investment.


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