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Most “Borrowed” Office Supplies
MARCH 5, 2018
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Most “Borrowed” Office Supplies

It happens to everyone. An office supply disappears from your desk, and it’s up to you to find where it magically teleported to. In an effort to help you keep the tools that make your workday productive, here are the top five “borrowed” office products. If you have them at your desk, we’d recommend that you take a DYMO LabelWriter and label them immediately with your name – STAT!

1. Stapler

The number one office supply to go missing is a stapler. It’s a premium item in the office supply category and, if you sit near a printer, beware of it going missing fast. Fun fact: Swingline didn’t actually make a red stapler until after the cult classic movie Office Space launched. The stapler in the movie is a black Swingline painted red.

2. Stapler Remover

Surprisingly, there are other uses for a stapler remover then a mini monster imitator. Doubly so if you have a printer that has a function that automatically staples your documents. Steve Urkel’s “Did I do that?” applies here.

3. White Correction Tape

We all say we don’t need it… because who wants to admit that a mistake can be made? Enter the third office supply disappearing act – white correction tape. It’s also been known as another victim of sitting next to the printer.

4. Paper Clips, Binder Clips & Rubberbands

These are the office supplies that hold things together, quite literally – from presentation materials to to-do lists for the day. Paper clips, binder clips and rubberbands are in the group of office supplies that many people claim “they don’t need,” but often end up asking others for.

5. Pens

With the amount of writing utensils that office workers keep at their desks, you would think that pens wouldn’t be on our list. There are two problems with this. The first is that a pen is the first thing forgotten when workers are mobile. The second is that many pens dry out. So please toss the promotional swag you got in that party from 1999.


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