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Cause & Affect: How Back Pain is Costing Your Company
MAY 7, 2018
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Cause & Affect: How Back Pain is Costing Your Company

We’ve all heard the grumblings in the office. Someone yawns and stretches, trying to coax sore muscles as they work at their computer all day. While most of us are aware that back pain is a very relevant topic in today’s workplace, many of us don’t realize the costs of associated with it.

Costs from Healthcare

As an employer, providing reliable and cost-effected medical plans is difficult enough. Unfortunately, employees with back pain make this matter worst. On average, healthcare costs for people with back pain are about 60 percent higher than for those without1. Talk about a risk!

Unhappy Employees = Unproductivity

If you think the costs of healthcare are significant, the correlation between back pain and productivity will astonish you. Of the estimated $100 billion that lower back pain costs the United States annually, it is believed that 2/3 is due to lost wages and lost productivity1.

Solutions for Your Office

Don’t let these dollar signs cause a panic attack. There many great solutions to encourage employees to stay active in the office to avoid back pain. In particular, our partner 3M provides products that apply science to life. What this means is that its products are engineered to help employees with daily struggles against productivity. Through standing desks, adjustable monitor stands and arms, 3M provides a way to not only ensure that your employees stay healthy, but pain-free.


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