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Myths & Truths About Custom Labelling
APRIL 30, 2018
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From the moment your product leaves your company, it is making an impression. When you mail a package, creating a custom label is the perfect way to make an impact with a potential customer. It seems that many businesses avoid this opportunity. The question is why. So let’s debunk two of the more popular myths when it comes to creating custom labels.

Myth 1: Printing costs too much

What most companies don’t realize is that when you print yourself, you have the ability control quantity. This kind of control can easily results in savings. Think about it. You can cut costs when needed, and suddenly you never have to purchase large amounts of labels upfront or worry about storing these labels.

Myth 2: Design is expensive

With Avery, designing labels is simple. With its Free Online Design Portal, you can upload, save and directly print labels from your computer without downloading any software. These templates are pre-created by Avery and are completely customizable. You can add logos, messages and even change fonts or colors.

How-To Start Customizing Labels

Remember, using an Avery template you can customize and change your message on your label as much as you want. This gives you the freedom to market by holiday, season or just what’s driving your company’s marketing force. A great way to start a custom Avery project is by choosing your message then spanning that content onto your packaging, mailings and everything else you can label.


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