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Furniture Spotlight: American Thermal Windows
November 5, 2018
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Furniture Spotlight: American Thermal

Furnishing a new office space can take a lot of pre-planning. You not only need to evaluate what will fit your layout, but also pinpoint what items will make your business more efficient. When American Thermal Windows moved into their new location in Niles, IL, they address their challenges with a variety of office solutions. Let's examine what made this office a success.

1. Sit-Stand Options

In the private offices of American Thermal Windows, you'll notice lightly rose-colored walls. This color draws your eyes to the company's office desks and its sit-stand deks. Like most offices, American Thermal Window employees spend the majority of their time in front of computer screens. With these sit-stand solutions, they are able to customize how they work throughout the day, sitting or standing at a moment’s notice. Studies have shown that offering sit-stand options results in weight loss, reduced back pain and even improved energy for employees.

2. Privacy Screens

Another feature that might draw the eye in American Thermal Window's offices is a set of desks partitioned by bright red privacy screens. Privacy screens are a great to keep your office open while offering opportunities for collaboration. As demonstrated above, they can also double as color accents to reflect light and significantly brighten a room.

3. Cabinet Storage

While cabinet storage may not be as exciting as choosing a sit-stand desk or privacy screen, it is actually one of the most important areas in the office. Organization is key to a productive business and so is having the tools provided to get work done. When choosing a cabinet storage, it’s essential to consider functionality as well as look. Consider how many office supplies you need to keep, what you need to document or file and how often the cabinet will be used.


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