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Furniture Spotlight: AFN Logistics
July 16, 2018
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AFN Logistics

Furnishing a meeting or conference room may be more complicated than you think. In order to find out what factors contribute to a great conference setting, let’s take a look at our most recently completed furniture project at AFN Logistics (AFN) and examine why it was so successful.

The Comfort Factor

At the office, there’s no denying that back pain is commonplace and, as we mentioned in our previous blog Cause & Affect: How Back Pain is Costing Your Company, it can often contribute negatively to a company’s bottom line. When choosing chairs for your room, make sure to take in account ergonomic factors. At AFN, the company made an excellent choice to combat this – BASYX by HON Chairs. These chairs can come with variety of features, including fully adjustable arms and height adjust, which helps each user customize their chair.

Considering Affordability

Depending on how large your meeting space is, it’s important to determine how much you should budget for the space. If you have a room with 40 chairs, you may want to consider options that don’t break the bank. As mentioned, AFN choose BASYX by HON Chairs, not only for the brand’s comfort and lifetime warranty, but also because they were affordable. If you have a budget, our furniture specialist can work with you to get the biggest bang for your buck!

AFN Logistics Small Conference Room

The Importance of Extra Space

The worst mistake in furnishing a conference room is to not leave any space for your employees or clients to move around. Consider the function of a meeting – to brainstorm ideas, right? It can be hard to be creative if you are confined to sitting the entire time. In light of this, AFN choose to leave its conference rooms open so that creativity could be let loose!


Big shout out to AFN Logistics for letting us be a part of this project! For more information on AFN, click below. To start your own furniture project, Contact a Garvey’s Furniture Specialist today.


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