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Sign Up for Our 2018 Virtual Tradeshow
AUGUST 17, 2018
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Sign Up for Our 2018 Virtual Tradeshow

Last year, we launched our very first Virtual Tradeshow. Given the success of the show and the positive responses from all our customers, we have decided to open the show once again for 2018. If you haven’t signed up already for the show, below are our top three reasons why you don’t want to miss it! If you are an early-bird and Register Before September 14th, you will be entered for the chance to win a $100 Amex Gift Card.

Reason #1: Snag a Deal

All of the items featured in our Virtual Tradeshow will be offered at a discounted price for the whole month of October. If you’re looking to switch out a product for cost-saving reasons or try a new product at a discounted rate, our Virtual Tradeshow provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Reason #2: Win Booth Raffles

Every booth at our tradeshow will feature a prize. All you have to do is watch the booth’s video and submit a 3-question survey to be entered for the chance to win. This year, our favorite booth prizes include: A Beats Headset, an Ultimate Sharpie Collection and Rolling Luggage.

Reason #3: Enter for a Grand Prize

In addition to the prizes at every booth, we have three Grand Prizes as well – 50 Yard Line Bears Tickets, a 49” Flat Screen TV and an Apple Watch. You will receive one free entry into the Grand Prize Raffles just by registering.

Reason #4: The Show Bag

About two weeks (give or take) after the end of the tradeshow, if you have completed 12 booth videos and their respective surveys, you will be sent a tradeshow bag. This bag will come chock full of all the free swag that you would normally acquire at a live show plus the $10 gift card of your choice that you choose when you registered. If you were extra ambitious and watched all 24 booth videos and answered their surveys, you will be entered for an additional drawing for the chance to win an iPad!


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