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New! Nice Guys USBs
December 18, 2017
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New! Nice Guys USBs

We are proud to launch our Nice Guys USB Drives in multiple storage sizes. While everyone knows that USBs are perfect for storing, protecting and transferring information between systems, you might be wondering what storage size is right for the task you have at hand. Here’s a breakdown of what storage size you should use.

4GB USB Drives

If you are just looking to transfer documents between systems, a 4GB USB Drive is the perfect solution. Often, 4GB USB Drives are used by students. It’s perfect for utilizing small amounts of music or photos among devices that will be deleted later.

8GB USB Drives

With twice the memory of a 4GB USB Drive, an 8GB USB Drive can store thousands of photos and thousands of music. This option is ideal for business people looking to organize and store up to a year’s worth of records.

16GB USB Drives

Rule of thumb: Double digitals are reserved for large files. This moves beyond music and photos and into storing things that are bulkier, like professional presentations or videos. To give you an idea of just how much 16GB is, most 16GB USB Drives can hold up to 28 hours of video – and that’s not including hundreds of thousands of documents and music!

32GB USB Drives

If you’re already looking into a 16GB USB Drive and you know you’ll use it a lot, we’d recommending opting straight for a 32GB USB Drive. You’ll notice that the price difference is marginal, and you’ll be getting double the storage space!

Branding a USB Drive

Of course, in the event that you do not want a USB branded with the Nice Guys tagline, all of these storage sizes can be branded with your own company’s logo or message. Often, these items make for the perfect new year or new employee gift! Get your project started by contacting a promotional product sales representive by clicking Printing & Promotional Items below.


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