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3 Office Supplies to Help You Stay Healthy
December 29, 2017
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3 Office Supplies to Help You Stay Healthy

As we finish off our holiday leftovers, we may be left with a little extra around the waist. If you’re not into New Year's goals, it’s hard to develop the motivation to get fit. That’s why we recommend these three office supply solutions. Believe us when we say, a change in the environment you work in can drastically change your overall health!

Safco Zenergy Ball Chairs

These chairs are literally designed for better office health. The seat is made with a 17 ½ inch exercise ball. This makes the chair into an active seating solution. It’s great for those diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome; and due to the chair having no arms or back, it promotes better posture and balance. This leads to building core muscles. Think of it as yoga at the office.

Steppie Balance Board

Steppie is the brainchild of a company based in Denmark. While standing desks provide a solution to sitting in the office, many of us cannot stand for long periods of time. This balance board enables you to be active while standing. Think of it as a teeter totter. It keeps your legs active without much effort or thought going into balancing.

Sit-Stand Desks

A couple years ago, having a sit-to-stand desk was considered expensive. Today, that’s not the case. There are sit-to-stand options starting as low as $269 and come assembled right out of the box. Having the option to stand throughout the day can give workers more energy, making them more productive.


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