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Staple Like a Pro
May 1, 2017
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Staple Like a Pro

When most people think of staplers, they think of the traditional red stapler that Milton clung to in Office Space. Nothing extravagant. Just something that gets the job done.

However nowadays, staplers are starting to showcase new functions that might warrant Milton’s coveting. These staplers not only provide the traditional functionality, but also efficiency. Here are some of our favorites.

Bostitch Staplers

The Bostitch Stapler comes complete with an integrated staple remover as well as a staple-storage compartment. It also opens 180 degrees for bulletin board usage.

Optima Staplers

The Optima brand is battery operated and some of its versions can handle up to 70 sheets of paper per staple. To put this in perspective, regular staplers can usually only staple 10-15.

PaperPro Staplers

Some stapler purchases can even support a cause. When you buy PaperPro’s inCOURAGE, a portion of the money earned from its purchase is donated to cancer charities!


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