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Are Standing Desks the Future of Classrooms?
September 25, 2017
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Are Standing Desks the Future of Classrooms?

We’ve all heard the problem in today’s classrooms: Kids are now more than ever attached to their electronics and a regular exercise routine is harder to come by. As more teachers are trying to find ways to keep students healthy, it seems that sit-to-stand desks might be the answer, and we can think of two main reasons why.

1. General Health Education

By providing the option to sit-or-stand in the classroom, you must naturally explain why the option is there –that sitting for prolong periods of time is simply bad for one’s health. The idea is that this brings about a behavioral change, that students will become educated on ergonomics and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle as they mature into adults.

2. Better Academic Performance

Many educators can attest that children can be jittery. One of the biggest challenges of the classroom is getting the students to pay attention to the lesson at hand. With standing desks, you increase blood circulation throughout the body and burn more calories, keeping the mind more alert, awake and focused. The idea is that act of standing could lead to more energy, making way for better academic performance.

Whether or not this will encourage standing desks in the classroom remains to be seen. Tell us your own thoughts by using #niceguysblog on social media!


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