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Top 3 Standing Desks Accessories
April 24, 2017
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Top 3 Standing Desks Accessories

Last year, we named 2017 the year of standing desks. Now with the standing desk category growing faster than even we anticipated, we thought we’d provide a list of the best add-ons you can buy to make your day of transitioning from sitting to standing as healthy as it can be.

Perch Stools

As you transition from sitting to standing, it is important to keep your body in alignment. Perch stools are geared to do just that. The best in the category is Alera’s Sit-to-Stand Perch. It comes equipped with an auto return swivel seat, meaning it moves with your body as you twist and automatically returns to the front when you get up.

Duel Function Mats

Just as your height adjustable desk comes equipped for standing and sitting situations, so should your mats! Our favorite in this category is ES Robbins’ Sit-or-Stand Mat. This mat is designed to accommodate standing with a memory foam cushion. However, as the day progresses, you can fold out the cushion into a full-sized chair mat.

Balance Boards

There’s an old saying that everything good must be done with moderation. A balance board is the sit-stand version of this. A Steppie Balance Board makes sure that the muscles of your back, core, hips, legs and ankles remain engaged as you stand throughout the day. It also adds a level of activity, promoting exercise as you work.


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