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Finally, a Highlighter that Doesn't Bleed
January 9, 2017
nice guys : )
Sharpie Gel Highlighters

We've all been there. Highlighting something in a presentation only to have the yellow color smear the words into something unrecognizable. Turning the page and discovering that you not only highlighted one line, but three pages worth!

The experience is annoying to say the least. Frustrating if you're on a deadline and need to present. Enter Sharpie's Gel Highlighters. We were excited to test out this five pack with its claim that it doesn't bleed or smear. And it didn't disappoint. The gel glided across the page and smearing was minimal.

As far as our Nice Guy rating goes, it was the best in the category that we've seen yet! We'd definitely recommend it as an office supply staple if you love to highlight.


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