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Please Wash Your Hands
April 17, 2017
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Please Wash Your Hands

When the weather transitions, sickness often makes its way into the office. According to a Wakefield Research study, at least 70 percent of workers come to work when they are not feeling well! For those of us who have to work when the bug is going around, here are a few products to keep stocked.

Foam hand wash

While thoroughly washing your hands is the best approach to avoiding catching germs, there are some products that make this process more efficient. At the top of this list is foam hand wash. According to a hand soap study by Strategic Research Partners, employees who washed their hands with foam soap used 9.7 percent less water then liquid.

Alcohol-based sanitizer

If you don’t have access to a sink all day, a good substitution is hand sanitizer. When choosing a sanitizer, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says to reach for brands with at least 60 percent alcohol to make sure you are cleaning efficiently.

Sanitation wipes

The average desk alone can harbor over 10 million germs. The most efficient way to prevent uncleanliness at the desk is by keeping sanitation wipes in your drawers. With a simple end of day wipe, you can keep germs at bay.


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