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Neat Features of Pilot's G2 Pens
March 27, 2017
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Neat Features of Pilot's G2 Pens

Many may label the design of the Pilot’s G2 Gel Pen as boring, but most of the pens’ design is intentional. So in today’s blog, we’re going to examine some useful hidden features of America’s Longest Lasting Gel Pen.

Translucent Barrel

The Nice Guys have scoured the web and found that not many people like Pilot G2 Gel’s translucent barrel. They dislike seeing the ink within the pen. However while this is not the most attractive feature, this serves a simple purpose. It’s clear so you can see how much ink you have left and serves as a reminder when to replace your ink tube.

Colored Tips

Once you’ve determined that you need pen refill, you might be left wondering how to know which ink refill is meant for your pen. Over time, your pen’s size description on the plastic may wear off due to use. Fortunately, each ink tube has a color tip to determine your refill size.

Point Size

Like most pens, Pilot’s G2 Gels come in a variety of point sizes. Unlike most pens, there’s actually a difference in size and, due to that, how it writes. We suggest trying a variety of point sizes to determine which is write for you!

We hope this helps explain the Pilot G2 Gel Pen’s design for those who aren’t fans. We’d definitely label this pen more practically than fashionable!


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