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Organize Your File Cabinets Like a True Professional
January 3, 2017
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Organize Your File Cabinets Like a True Professional

It's a new year! For many administrative professionals, this can mean wrangling the file cabinets into a system that is usable and clearing out the clutter from last year. If you're at a lost of where to start, try these three simple tricks to organize like a true professional:

1. Alphabetize Your Drawers

It's the one filing system that everyone is trained on in grade school and can understand. Every file cabinet should be alphabetized by department; every file within that cabinet should be alphabetized by subject.

2. Invest in Folders with Tabs...that Work

Anyone who works in an office knows what we are talking about. Avoid buying folders with tabs you have to latch on with those little paper inserts. Instead, invest in file folders with the tab already build in. You'll thank us.

3. Use a Labeler

Although you may be able to distinguish your handwriting, the likelihood that someone else may not is high. Avoid the confusion all together by investing in a labeler. DYMO® labelers are super easy to operate and read.


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