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Boost Productivity with a Dual Monitor
September 11, 2017
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Boost Productivity with a Dual Monitor

In today’s mobile world, the office desk is often neglected. While laptops, tablets and phones are great for on-the-go, many workers are producing less work simply because they are less comfortable while using mobile forums. If the cost of a new computer seems off-putting, try boosting productivity by adding a secondary monitor.

It boosts multi-tasking

It’s easy to copy and paste in between documents or reference something with two screens. Sharing data also becomes easier if you are transferring items in between programs. This cuts down on processing and spurs more work.

It helps communication

Many office workers with dual screens will reserve one screen for the bulk of their work while allowing the other to have chat, email or social networks open. This allows the worker to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping updated on anything that may have an impact on their project.

You'll find you'll need to print less

With the ability to look at both screen to compare and contrast, many office workers find the need to print to proofread or edit obsolete, cutting down the overall cost of company toner and ink purchases.


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