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Listen While You Work
March 20, 2017
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Listen While You Work

For most of us who work in a busy office, listening to music is a must. Whether you’re looking to focus or drown out your neighbor’s busy phone, here are some things to consider before purchasing any listening device.

Ear Buds or Headphones?

Choose ear buds if you’re looking to multitask. You can easily keep one ear free, keeping yourself engaged in your current environment of phone calls, emails and other alerts while still offering an opportunity for you to escape into music.

Choose headphones when you want to listen to something in greater detail or drown out an office noise that’s driving you up the wall. (It happens!) But caution – make sure to choose headphones that have a hefty amount of cushion for comfort, as those steel frames can be headache prone.

To Bluetooth or Not?

If you’re constantly on the go, bluetooth devices are a natural solution to listening to music. The pros of this option are obvious. This technology keeps you cord-free, and you are able to seamlessly switch between work and relaxing beats.

Cons? Make sure you keep them charged! There’s nothing worst then missing a beat in your day.


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