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Your November Brew as Good as New
November 20, 2017
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Your November Brew as Good as New

November brings the cold, and when it’s cold there’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee. If you’re finding that your brew is tasting off, there's a good chance it’s because the Keurig machine has been out-of-use, and it’s time for a proper cleaning.

How-To Clean Your Keurig Machine

First, take out any K-Cups. You don’t want to waste a precious drop of your coffee stash! Next, pour in Keurig's Descaling Solution and run the machine as if you were brewing. Repeat until the water reservoir is empty. This process will help remove lime and scale buildup. Keurig actually recommends descaling every 3-6 months, depending on how much you use the machine.

Cleaning for Better K-Cup Taste

If your coffee is still tasting off or your machine is not properly brewing an entire cup, try CleanCup! CleanCup's pods look and function just like a regular K-Cup. However, instead of brewing you coffee, these pods will clean the needle of your machine and get rid of any residual taste from someone else’s brew.

When in Doubt, Call for a Cleaning or Upgrade

If for some reason none of the above works – which does happen sometimes based on the age and use of the machine – contact us to have a Garvey’s Office Products trained service technician come and take look at your machine. We only charge $50 for this service. If the machine is unable to be repaired, we can find you the best deal on a replacement model.


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