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Find Your Inner Pen Balance with EnerGel
March 13, 2017
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Pentel EnerGel Pens

Today, we're talking Pentel® EnerGel Pens and why it's one of our favorite office pens. Besides the fact that it is environmentally friendly by being made from recycled content, these pens also have what we consider the three MUSTs for a balanced pen.

1. A Grip

This is very important for long writing stints in meetings. A grip helps steady your writing style.

2. Light In Weight

Despite what you may think, the weight of pens does a lot in our workday. Often, you may find stress in the wrists due to pens, keyboards and the like.

3. Available In Multiple Sizes

Everyone can agree that it's important to have choices – a variation in pens helps transition a workday from proofing to writing. For a fine writing experience, choose the 0.5mm needle tip. It's perfect for writing fine lines. Also available in 0.7mm needle tip which writes medium lines.

Let us know if these EnerGel pens from Pentel® brings you an inner pen balance too!


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