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An Office Vision Comes to Life
January 31, 2017
nice guys : )
Furniture reDesign at Tricoci University

After every remodeling project is completed, we like to feature some of the choices that made the design a success. In our most recent project, featuring Tricoci University, it was hard to choose, but we finally narrowed it down to three:

1. Floor Plan

Tricoci University is all about innovation, and their corporate vision is reflected in their office cubicle floor plan. The workstations remain open — inviting communication among staff and making the space seem overall light and airy.

2. Color Scheme

Tricoci University's brick and mortar office is contrasted by pops of bright green HON® Mesh Chairs. This bold choice gives the space a positive energy and creates an overall inviting look.

3. Conference Rooms

Within Tricoci University's conference rooms, we learn the value of not only sitting in style, but comfort. The choice of HON® Executive Work Chairs makes the space chic and radiate leadership.

Big thank you to all the faculty and staff at Tricoci University that made this project possible!



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