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Customize a Business Card
June 12, 2017
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Customize a Business Card

From its design to the color it is – every person you hand your business card to will pass judgment on your company. It’s your first impression on your client and sometimes your only chance to get a foot in the door. So here are three tips to make your business card stand apart from the crowd.

1. Be Consistent

Your business card should act as a trigger. Is your website red? Then your business card should be. Your card should fall in line with how people identify your company, and it should reinforcement brand recognition.

2. Communicate Values

Is your company focused on being green? Then print your card on recycled or plantable paper. This simple act can speak volumes for your company; and more often then not, make your customers want to hang on to your business card.

3. Don't Get Too Fancy

Never should design take a precedent over a point. It’s nice to make your business card stand out, but if it isn’t readable it loses its value completely. Stick to fonts that are easy to read and self-explanatory.


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