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Why Bubble Wrap is Essential for Good Business
April 10, 2017
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Why Bubble Wrap is Essential for Good Business

While we all enjoy the instant gratification that comes with popping bubble wrap, here are some of the product’s benefits when it comes to managing a company and why it’s just good for business!

It keeps products safe

Today’s digital age makes receiving mail a joy, but that joy can be crushed quickly by a customer or client receiving broken merchandize. Save yourself the hassle and the money it costs for shipping a replacement by protecting items with bubble wrap.

It saves you money

Besides giving you peace of mind that your items won’t be broken in the shipping process, bubble wrap also provides the most efficient way to fill boxes without adding weight. The more weight, the more your package will cost to ship. Bubble wrap is made to be light and cost you as little as possible.

It’s eco-friendly

Here’s a little known fact – many bubble wrap brands are made from environmental friendly materials. Not does this make bubble wrap good for business, but it’s good for the world too!


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