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The Best Binding for You
July 31, 2017
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The Best Binding for You

So you’ve been tasked to find the best binding machine for your company and are starting to find it’s actually more complicated than one would think. Truth be told, there are many different binding styles, and there isn’t one universal solution. It all depends on your company’s needs. So here are some of the pros and cons of the top binding categories to help you determine the best binding machine for you.

Comb Machines

Comb binding is the most common form of binding; you’ve probably seen it used in the office as it is the cheapest and easiest to do. Your pages move around the comb, allowing them to lay flat. You cannot wrap all the way around, but you can add or remove pages at will.

Wire Machines

The main difference between this binding method and comb machines is that wire machines use metal instead of plastic to bind documents. Schools often use it because the pages will not only lay flat, but wrap the way around for easy reading. With this type of binding, it is also easy to add or remove pages.

Coil Machines

Coils have incredibly strong and flexible binds. While its process is a bit more time-consuming then others, you will end up with a document that folds 360° for easy photocopying. When using this method, keep in mind that you cannot add or remove pages without cutting off the end of the coil and spinning it back out.


As its name implies, this type of binding machine is permanent or a “sure thing.” It works by punching holes down the side then sealing them with heat. You’ll see this type of binding used by courts, as it’s apparent when the document has been tampered with.

Fastback Machines

Say goodbye to the punching, combs and wires above. Fastback uses tape or “thermal adhesive” to bind. Your documents will lay totally flat when open, and you will be able to remove or add pages with ease. However, documents using this method will have to be left to cool, and this method is not recommended if you need material for immediate use.

Thermal Machines

Simliar to Fastback machines, thermal machines apply heat to bind pages together. Unfortunately, it's a slightly more expensive option, and the pages of your document will not be removable. That being said, your document will have a wraparound cover with the pages glued together at the spine. The overall aesthetic is more appealing then most.

ProClick Machines

One of the newer forms of binding, ProClick documents can be opened and closed in seconds using a small editing tool. Documents made with ProClick have a fashionable air, making them a logical choice for many sales and marketing organizations. However, due to its new status, there is a limitation on the sizes and colors available.


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