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Annoying Office Habits & Cures
July 24, 2017
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Annoying Office Habits & Cures

Every office has that one coworker that drives everyone up the wall. While there’s no way to guarantee an annoyance-free workplace, here are some of our favorite irritating office habits and their possible solutions.

Smelly Desk Eater

The problem: They’re first person you see in the morning and the last one when you leave for the day. Everyone knows why they eat at their desk. They’re the busiest people in the office. But does it always have to be so smelly?

The solution: Sharing is caring. Stock snacks that don’t require any microwaving. Things like KIND Granola Bars, Skinny Pop and Emerald Calorie Packs are perfect. Offer them up to your smelly desk eater to create a new best friend and a more tolerable workspace aroma.

Nosey Next Door Neighbor

The problem: Nancy Drew doesn’t have anything on this coworker’s nosiness. And in today’s age where everything keeps getting bigger and better, computer screens are hard not to look at.

The solution: Invest in some privacy filters. Go ahead. Look on. You're not seeing anything.

Rocking Garage Band

The problem: Listening to music in the office is a great way to destress unless it’s not your kind of music and you’re forced to listen to it.

The solution: Noise cancelling headphones. What sound do you speak of?


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