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3 Tips That Help Avoid Bad Meetings
July 10, 2017
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3 Tips That Help Avoid Bad Meetings

Have you ever ended a meeting not really sure what the meeting was about? Unfortunately in the workplace, this is shockingly common. Employees leave meetings feeling as though they never should have been present in the first place. To avoid having a bad meeting in your office, follow these three helpful tips.

Make Introductions

One of the most common mistakes in any company is assuming that everyone knows each other. A quick way to bypass this problem is by printing out name badges or tags for each employee. You can print out your own by using Avery’s Adhesive Name Badges.

Lay Groundwork

Before every meeting, establish a goal that you wish to accomplish. If the purpose of the meeting is brainstorm ideas, make sure you let your coworkers know. Ask that they do a little homework ahead of time. Coming up with an idea on the spot is hard, but if you ask them to email you a list of ideas beforehand, you can assure the success of the meeting. By printing out the best ideas out and placing them in a Samsill Binder, you’ll have something tangible to talk about!

Provide Snacks & Beverages

Whether its providing coffee in the morning to make sure no one falls asleep or passing out snacks to hands that usually occupy phones, it’s important to realize that no one works well on an empty stomach. It’s also a great way to introduce your employees or coworkers to healthy snacking alternatives!


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