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3 Office Products to Liven Up Your Workspace
September 18, 2017
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3 Office Products to Liven Up Your Workspace

Feeling a case of the Mondays? If you’re stuck in a drab office environment, it can be hard to find the motivation to do your work well. Luckily, office supplies can liven the mood by providing function and inspiration just where you need it.

Here are three of our favorite office products that you probably didn’t know you couldn’t live without... You’re welcome in advance.

Quartet’s Glass Dry Erase Desktop Computer Pad

This nifty computer pad is designed to replace paper. While we can’t say for sure that a paperless office will ever happen, we will say there’s something wonderful about having a dry erase board right at your fingertips. The board features an upward slant, allowing you to jot down notes. It provides a prime space for creativity if the mood the strikes, all easily erasable when needed. Bonus: It comes complete with an accessory tray to help keep your desk orderly and tidy.

Post-It’s Pop-Up Note Dispenser

These pop-up note dispensers hold 3w x 3h inch notes. The design is geared to make it simple to grab one note at a time, down to the very last note making it hard not to conserve paper. It’s also a great accessory that you might find yourself getting a daily smile from. From cats and shoes to golf clubs and cameras, these dispensers come in all shapes and sizes to showcase their owner’s personality. We personally think the cat dispenser is about the cutest thing we’ve seen.

Fellowes’ Gel Wrist Rests

We’ve all heard the danger of spending too much time hunched over a desk. Fellowes’ rests are designed with this in mind, providing wrist support to achieve a neutral hand/arm posture while sitting. The products also come in a variety of colors to spice up your space. Bonus: The black and charcoal grey versions of this product have a $3 rebate offer on them until December 31, 2017.


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