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Valentine's Day Decorations Made Simple
February 8, 2016
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Valentine's Day Decorations Made with Simple Office Supplies

Whether you're hosting a party or just in the mood to decorate your workplace with love, to craft your way into the perfect Valentine's Day - all you need is the right office supplies and a little TLC!


3-D Paper Hearts

3-D Paper Hearts

It's just a simple adjustment to turn your standard paper hearts into classy decorations. To create the "3-D" factor, simply cut a slit into the middle of the heart and glue the two sides together. Hang on walls with double sided tape.



Coffee Filter Garland

Coffee Filter Garland

It's okay. We're addicted to coffee too. But in the spirit of love, give up a couple of filters to make garlands for your walls. Just make sure to keep a few (or dozen) so you can admire the results from behind a mug.



DIY Valentine's Day Tote Bag

Giveaway Heart Totes

Many of us are guilty of having too many bags. Repurpose some into Valentine's giveaways by decorating with hearts. For the bag in our linked example, Clumsy Crafter actually only uses a pencil and some paint to make hers!



Homemade Owl

Upcycled Toiletries

Not everyone is on board the love bandwagon; so take a break from your standard heart and upcycle a toilet paper roll into an owl via scissors and paper. Not only is the result adorable, but it's the perfect Valentine toy for an employee to take home to their kids.



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