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To-Do-List…or not?
October 31, 2016
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To-Do List

There are usually two types of people in the office: People who write and use to-do lists and those who just use their memory for their lists. While we applaud the memory of those who can remember their to-do lists off the top of their heads, here are three reasons why you should start the habit of writing your day's agenda down.

1. It Creates Priority

When you write information down, your brain automatically starts sorting the information. You'll start categorizing things by deadline and how important they are.

2. It Creates Memory

The repetition of writing down what you already know reinforces what you need to do. That's why it's surprisingly easy to remember what's on your list without even looking at it.

3. It Creates Focus

Workplaces are distracting. There are so many things going on in a given day, from your phone ringing to your email box constantly filling. But when you write something down and create that priority and memory of it (like we talked about above), it forces you to focus and complete the task.


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