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Great Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day
April 25, 2016
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Gift Ideas for Teacher's Day

Instead of sending your kids to school with apples, try these gift ideas below that are guaranteed to bring a real smile to your educator's face.

1. Post-It Notes & Highlighters

Teachers are always reaching for sticky notes to flag items to review or schedule a class. Of course, all that writing takes lots of notes. So thank your teacher with a bouquet of post-it notes and some colorful markers or highlighters!

2. Jar of Highlighters

Likewise, you can't have notes without the proper writing utensils. Pick out your favorite colors and deposit them on their desk with a bow. What better way to say to your teacher that they were the highlight of your child's year?

3. Hand Sanitizer/Soap

Working is messy - but working with children all day can tend to be, well, messier. Tell them that they are "hands down" the best teacher around with some scented sanitizers and soaps.

4. Water Bottle

It takes extra ingenuity to keep a class interested. And that means talking…a lot. Tell your teacher that you think they are refreshing with a water bottle that can keep them hydrated.


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