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Tax Supplies
April 4, 2016
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Tax Supplies

April 15th is just around the corner and unless you are thinking about filing for an extension, it's time to start checking items off your to-do list. At the bare minimum, make sure to have these office supplies at hand!

Banker Boxes

Whether your 2015 box didn't last or you're looking to store documents for next year, banker boxes keep the desk uncluttered and organized.

Filing Cabinets

While banker's boxes can hold the majority of information, it's always a good idea to keep any documents with personal information under lock and key.


Nothing beats the tried and true calculator. As any good administrative assistance or accountant would tell you, it's an absolute must during tax season.

Tax Forms

You can't do taxes without the correct forms - and more importantly, the form you should use should be IRS approved.


Once all the calculating and printing stops for taxes, the stuffing of envelopes begins. Reach for a trusty double window design, complete with security lining.


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