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Tape Hacks
August 1, 2016
nice guys : )

In honor of one of the office products that always sticks around when you need it, here are five hacks you can accomplish with tape.

1. The Perfect Bouquet

an't seem to make a flower arrangement that flatters your office or home's front hall? Make a grid out of tape, and you'll be surprised how professional your bouquet will look!

A Perfect Bouquet


2. A Charger You'll Never Lose

Is your charger always going missing? Wrap your traditionally white charger in colorful pieces of tape so you'll always know which charger is yours!

A Charger You'll Never Loose


3. Colorful Light Switches

Tired of boring white light switches? Roll grid tape over your switch and color with markers. When you get tired of it, you can peel and do another design!

Colorful Light Switches


4. Keeping Up With The Kids

When kids are young, they grow fast, conserve some money by buying clothes that you can hem with tape!

Adjustable Hem Tape


5. Update Furniture or Electronics

While we might not be able to afford the latest in tech, you can accomplish a simple updated look with a few bits of colorful tape.

Furniture Office Decor


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