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4 Game-Winning Super Bowl Party Decorations Using Office Supplies
January 28, 2016
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Super Bowl Party Ideas

The table is set. The TV is on. But just in case you need something to wow guests during halftime, here some creative super bowl decorations that you can make with the most basic of office supplies.

1. Football Field Table Cloth

We all get a little messy. To save your table from chicken wings, all you need is brown craft paper, tape and markers.

Football Paper Chain Links


2. Football Paper Chain Links

Don't leave your walls empty! Paper chain links can not only decorate, but keep the kids busy while the game is on.

Football Paper Chain Links


3. Football Popcorn Cones

Print paper with a football-themed design. Tape or glue into cones then fill with your snack of choice. We personally are popcorn fans, but we wouldn't say no to candies.

Football Popcorn Cones


4. Football Toothpick Food Identifiers

Glue toothpicks to football paper cutouts. A handy Bic Pen will do the rest. Stick into dips to let guests know what they are getting into.

Football Toothpick Food Identifiers



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