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Spring Cleaning
March 14, 2016
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Spring Cleaning

With spring comes organization and with organization comes cleaning - make sure to give the once-over to these three (often forgot about) office spots:


You've been through a lot with your office phone. Give some TLC to the one item that listens to you talk every day. We'd recommend CleanSmart for the task, as it has no harmful chemicals for you to breath in. Make sure to scrub that mouth piece.

Drawer Knobs

How many times in a day do you reach for a file? Grab some Purell Sanitizing Wipes and give that drawer a once over. It's a good way to stop the office bug from spreading as temperatures (hopefully) rise.

Computer Mouse

Many of us are diligent about cleaning our keyboards, but often forget about our mouse. After removing any batteries or cords, wipe the electronic down with a damp microfiber cloth then absorb the moisture quickly with a dry one.


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