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Recycle for a Reason 1st Quarter Recipient: City of Hope
January 29, 2016
nice guys : )
Recycle for a Reason: City of Hope

Garvey's Office Products announced today that City of Hope will be the recipient of all 1st quarter funds raised for the company's Recycle for a Reason Program.

Recycle for a Reason is Garvey's Office Products' cardboard and toner recycling program. Each quarter, the company collects flattened cardboard and used toner from its customers. All funds received from the recycled items are then pooled together to raise money for local charitable organizations. Over $217,000 and counting have been raised since the program's inception.

"The partnership between the City of Hope and the office product industry has been strong for years," said Kevin Garvey, Vice President at Garvey's Office Products. "Their groundbreaking work in the field of cancer research will one day lead to a cure for a disease that touches all of us."


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