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May 23, 2016
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Promote This

So you know the facts: That 83% of people remember a brand when it's on a product. But here's the problem: With so many choices, you don't know what to put your brand on!

Our advice? Sometimes the best fit for your message, might not be the most conventional one - so, here are three items that are popular in our promotional department, but are not your typical mug or tee.


1. Bag Clips:

Often companies think to brand food itself, but don't think about the leftovers. Things like bag clips are consider top notch in our eco-friendly society.

Bag Clips


2. Cell Phone Accessories:

We live in a world that cannot live without its mobile devices. This means items like cell phone stands, holders, chargers and cases are essential and great items to brand.

Cell Phone Accessories


3. Luggage Tags:

If your goal is to target the folks who run a business, you're looking at someone who's always on the go. Why not let your brand travel with them? This way, you're not only keeping your company at the top of their mind, but also promoting to others who may see it.

Luggage Tags




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