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Give Plantable Promotions a Try
April 18, 2016
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Gift Plantable Promotions A Try for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) , we are now offering custom imprinted plantable promotions.

How Do Plantable Promotions Work?

1. You pick your promotion (paper bookmarks, postcards, tags and more), and print your message on seed paper.

2. You promote and giveaway that message.

3. Your customers take it home to plant and grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables.

What is Seed Paper?

Seed paper is paper you can plant and grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables. Contrary to popular thought, most seed paper is very durable and does not rip - making it perfect for promotions.

What Happens To The Paper?

The paper part in seed paper is compostable. When you plant your promotion, it only leaves flowers, herbs or vegetables. It does not contain chemicals, dyes or additives and is made in environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

How Long is the Plantable Promotion Good For?

Similar to growing normal seeds, most seed paper will stay viable for at least a few years if they're stored at a low enough humidity and temperature.



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