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Office Supplies 101
JANUARY 25, 2016
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Office Supplies 101

If you find yourself basking in the success of your home business, it may be time to move your headquarters to an actual office space. As an Illinois family-owned business ourselves, we know how exciting this time can be. But before you open your doors, we suggest you equip yourself with a few basics. After all, nothing's more important than starting your business on the right foot.

Think Small

There are many supplies that we take for granted, but use on a daily basis. It's the little things - tape, stapler, binder clips, phones, trashcan etc. - that a real office can't function without. Trust us when we say that a missing highlighter can throw off a whole business day.

Rock, Paper, Scissors... Most Importantly Paper

Regardless of what your company's function is, you will need an ample supply paper to write down ideas and take notes and to load in your printer. Make sure to stock up!


A happy office is an organized one. As you grow, so will your records! Ample file storage, folders, labeling and binding methods are key. If you enforce organization at an early stage, it will continue as your business thrives.

Comfort is Key

A workable office is a comfortable one. Furnish your surroundings. Furniture not only will help an office's production, but also provide security and extra storage when necessary. A simple table may have worked for a party of one, but now bigger things are on the horizon!


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