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There's an app for that... Office Productivity
July 18, 2016
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Office Productivity Apps

We live in a technological age. The chances of you remembering to bring a smartphone over a computer when traveling for work are high. So try out some of these apps geared towards making a mobile workday productive.

Genius ScanGenius Scan

Need to scan a PDF to your phone? Not a problem. This app also includes a password lock to keep confidential documents safe.

Price: FREE
Available for: Android, iOS


Capture a note once and it's instantly available on all your devices. As the motto goes "Evernote is wherever you are."

Price: FREE
Available for: Android, iOS


Keep track of contacts by making their personal business cards digitized. Goodbye rolodex.

Price: FREE
Available for: Android, iOS


For the fellow or gal that's always travelling for business, this app is essential. It keeps track of receipts for expense reports!

Price: FREE
Available for: Android, iOS


One of the biggest problems in business? People not reading their emails. With this app, you can see who reads your email and what device they read it from.

Price: FREE
Available for: iOS

Focus LockFocus Lock

It's just what the app's name suggests. It shuts down phone distractions and prevents the awkward "I forgot to shut my phone off" scenario.

Price: FREE
Available for: Android


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