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Mother's Day Gift Ideas
April 29, 2016
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

While it's important to take some time out of the day to find a gift for mom for Mother's Day, if you absolutely can't leave the office, here are a few gifts you should be able to DIY with some small purchases and office supplies you have on hand.

1. Marker Pillow

Take a white pillow, grab your favorite permanent marker then put all love for mom into a doodle she can snuggle with. Bonus tip: The easiest way to make your letters straight is by using a stencil.

2. Family Flower Pot

Instead of just sending her flowers, make her something she can reuse each spring. Buy a plain ceramic pot then paint family names and a love note on it with whiteout!

3. Thumbprint Platter

Is your mom always in the kitchen? Buy a white platter then take some red paint to create heart thumbprints of all the kids.

4. Game Board Frame

This gift is perfect for the mom who has a love of board games. All you have to do is buy a pretty frame then glue game pieces into a message for her!


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