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Limitless Labeling
October 3, 2016
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Limitless Labeling

Whether you've just bought a labeller or are considering on buying one, the uses for it around the office are virtually limitless. If you don't believe us, try some of these ideas. But use with caution. You might just catch the labeller fever and start labeling everything!


Do you have the type of handwriting that is indecipherable? Spare yourself the headache by labeling your folder tabs instead of handwriting them.


Everyone has that one office supply that turns up missing after being "borrowed." Make sure you give it a unique label so everyone knows where it belongs.

Book or Catalog Spines

Instead of remembering company names, just mark the name/pages you order from on a label and place on the spine of the book. One quick glance will now tell you which book to snag.


It happens. You forgot an office birthday. You can still send your best wishes by labeling some copy paper into a birthday card.

Office Parties

Want to reduce your office party waste? Try labeling cups by name. People will be less likely to throw away a cup with their name on it.


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